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Fauna of the Baltic States

The nature landscapes of the Baltic Sates and the Baltic Sea include many particular species of fantastic animals. From Sea and land, here are some of the most important fauna of the Baltic States. Cover Photo by Kev Chapman   Grey Seal    The Grey Seal is one of the biggest […]

The Rose of Turaida – A tragic lovestory

The cave of Gutmanis in Latvia between Turaida and Sigulda is a place of ancient worship, where offerings to deities were made, and it is also the scenario of the beautiful and sad story of the Rose of Turaida. It was the year 1601, when the Swedish army invaded the […]

The most interesting and funny Lithuanian Traditions

As a country with a long history, pagan roots and a very rich folklore, Lithuania has many traditions that are still practiced today. Whether they are about the change of seasons, the celebration of nature, or Christmas and Easter superstitions, what is for sure is that Lithuanians know how to […]

UFOs in the Baltic Sea? The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Deep under the Sea there are mysteries we cannot even begin to explain. One example is in the Baltic Sea, where, hidden for hundreds of years, there has been a strange, huge circular structure that seems to lead into a black hole deep under the bottom of the Sea. What […]

Things to Do in Tallinn

You have finished the Baltic Run and reached the final destination Tallinn, capital of Estonia. But after so many adventures and fun on the way up there, you are not ready to go home again so soon. No problem! There are many interesting and original things you can do in […]

The Most Delicious Lithuanian Desserts

Recently we’ve written about delicious desserts from Estonia, but this is not the only Baltic country where you can easily top your meal if you have a thing for sweets. You should definitely give Lithuania’s long list of typical cakes, pastries and chocolates a try. And to make the choice a […]

Flags of the Baltic Countries and their Meanings

The flags are not only a way to show identity, but they also hide interesting stories about a country’s origins. The flags of the Baltic Countries, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, had to be hidden for too many times due to occupations, but happily they can now shine for their proud […]

The most delicious desserts from Estonia

Estonian cuisine is known to be based on strong dishes of meat, fish and potatoes. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave some room for dessert! There is life beyond the gingerbread, and Estonia has a lot of delicious desserts to offer to the sweet tooth. So, as an […]

The Northern Lights of Lithuania

The Aurora Borealis, the mysterious stunning lights that appear occasionally in the sky when the sun is gone, have been a source for myths and stories since the first time they were spotted by human eyes. Also known as Northern Lights, sometimes they even reach the skies of Lithuania expanded […]