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Top 8 Sights of the Baltic Countries

5 May 2016

The route of the Baltic Run will take you across some of the most beautiful places of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Here are some of our favorite sights!

Keila Waterfall, Estonia

The area of Keila in northern Estonia, close to Tallinn, is boasting Keila Waterfalls along the river Keila – Estonia’s third most powerful waterfalls. They are 6 meter high and together with the green forests and easily explorable foot paths that surround them, the Keila waterfalls are a spot beyond beautiful for nature lovers to visit.


Keila Waterfalls. Photo by Guillaume Speurt.

The Masurian Lake District, Poland.

The Masurian Lake District in the north east of Poland includes more than 2000 individual lakes. Some examples of these are the Sniardwy, which is the largest lake in Poland or the Lake Mamry. Its charming look and the countless possible activities the lakes provide fill this area with campers, hikers and sailors that like to enjoy the peace of the Lake District while the Polish sun is glimmering in the water. The area is also traversed by rivers, and offers many little and nice towns to visit such as Elk, Mikolajki and Gizycko.


Lakeside of Mikolajki, in the Masurian Lake District. Photo by Lee Fenner.

Jurmala and Kemeri National Park, Latvia

The Jurmala area, surrounded by the Kemeri National Park and the Babites Lake, is located on the Gulf of Riga, very close to the Latvian capital. Jurmala is a popular and beautiful seaside resort, with beaches made of white sand. As for Kemeri, the awesome National Park is filled with amazing forests and fresh water lakes. The mineral waters and the healthy forest air that surrounds the region give also curative powers to the whole area. Naturally you will find many spas and health resorts to be found around for a perfect body recovery.


Kemeri National Park in winter. Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns.

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Next to the Baltic Sea, in the western coasts of Lithuania, the city of Klaipeda stands a great place both for enjoying activities and amazing sights of the seaside. It is a crucial port town of Lithuania, and the whole city lives for and from the Sea. There are ship regattas, sea festivals all year around, and a National Sea Museum is located in an old fortress from the 19th century: Smiltyne. You can enjoy these activities, or you can just stroll around the long beautiful Baltic beaches or the cute narrow streets inside the city.


Klaipeda Beach. Photo by Tomas Laurinavicius.

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Lublin, Poland

Lublin is a charming polish town that often doesn’t get much recognition in competition with the famous giants of Poland: Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw. This lovely town is located east of Vistula, next to the Polish eastern border. It is a medieval city that has preserved many historical features, such as the market place, the architecture of the old town and the cobblestone small streets. Lublin dates back as early as to the sixth century, when it became an important part of the defense of the against eastern invaders. Still, mixtures of Western and Eastern cultures can be found, for example, in the Holy Trinity Chapel, which is both Catholic and Russian Byzantine style.


Lublin in New Year’s Eve. Photo by Piotr P.

Gauja National Park, Latvia

With its beauty and its size Gauja National Park attracts tourist from all over the globe. The National park is characterized by a high biological diversity, rocky outcrops and varied terrain shapes, springs, picturesque landscapes and many historical and cultural monuments from different centuries. Here you can find untapped nature and get lost in fairy tale forests, or you can experience some of the many varied activities that are available for visitors. The medieval city of Cesis is also located inside of Gauja: a worthy stop with lots of history and awesome sights. Gauja National Park has been listed as one of Europe’s Top Destinations of Excellence.


Gauja National Park seen from Zvārtes Rock viewpoint. Photo by Liga Eglite.

Dzukija National Park, Lithuania

Located in the South of Lithuania, almost on the border with Poland, Dzukija National Park is very close to the spa city of Druskininkai, where Baltic Run participants celebrate the New Year’s Eve with an epic party. Dzukija is covered by dense forest, and is almost empty of people (it has a population density of 2 people per square kilometer), which makes it the perfect location for those who just want to enjoy the nature without further distractions. You can also gather delicious berries and mushrooms in the area, rent a kayak and sail along the streams, or visit the Zervynos ethnographic village that represents the 18th century life of Lithuania.


Ethnographic village of Zervynos inside Dzukija National Park. Photo by Eden, Janine and Jim.

Matsalu National Park, Estonia

Matsalu National Park is located in the area surrounding the Matsalu Bay, along the western coasts of Estonia, near the beautiful city of Haapsalu. Its area is divided between green forests and the seaside next to the Bay, filled with stunning coastal meadows. Matsalu Park is a true paradise for those who like bird watching, as many kinds of exotic birds stop in the park for its waterfowls.


Huge glacial boulders in Matsalu National Park. Photo by Anita.

Can’t wait to visit all of them? Join our ice cold adventure trip the Baltic Run next winter and get to know all this and many more amazing places. You will be able to make your own list of amazing sights of the Baltic Countries!


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