The Travel Scientists’ philosophy is that daring travel adventures are your right, not just a privilege reserved for a wealthy few. We love to enjoy the company of a diverse cast of fellow travellers, of all different lifestyles & means. That’s why one of our most important goals is to manage budget requirements and devise low-cost solutions, so we can open the Baltic Run and our other events to virtually anyone. You supply the thirst for adventure, and we’ll make it happen for you!

Registration fees for the Baltic Run

  • Services

  • Prices

    2 packages
  • Rally Gear
  • Scanned Maps
  • Event shirt and cap
  • Road Book
  • Kick-off and Finish Parties
  • Visa assistance
  • Road maps (hard copies)
  • Hotel Package
  • Basic

  • €595

    per person
  • Standard

  • €1095

    per person