Drive with us up into the Arctic Circle

Krakow, Poland to Tallinn, Estonia.

An Arctic adventure to remember

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The Baltic Run

Escape into the snow and drive across the Baltics and kick-start 2025 with an Arctic adventure to remember. Race across frozen seas and past Soviet relics this New Year on this adventure rally from the ancient city of Krakow in Poland right up to the tip of the Baltics, ending at the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Drive, party, meet like-minded crazy adventurers and explore Europe’s most underrated countries in the middle of winter.




The Baltic Run is a drive-what-you-can event. If you’ve got a vehicle that will run, then you can take part in the madness! We’ve scouted the route for you, and organized epic parties on the way, but this is a minimal assistance rally which means you’re on your own once we leave the starting line. But that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?



Having winter holidays are all well and good, but it gets to a point when you’re feeling bored, bloated and lazy, so we’ve come up with the perfect remedy to get you out of the post-holiday slump. The cure? Exploring Europe’s most unusual sights and seeing in the New Year with an epic party! The Baltic Run combines adventure and fun with other likeminded crazy people.



The Baltic Run goes through four countries:Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.



Start: 28 December 2024 (Krakow, Poland)
End: 5 January 2025 (Tallinn, Estonia)

Discover the Baltics

The Journey

From Krakow to Tallinn

Our Adventure Research Staff at the Travel Scientists HQ have come up with a specially designed route with the most adrenaline pumping roads, most spectacular scenery and weirdest sights to be had in the Baltic States spanning the 2600 km route!

Trip Details

Start: 28 December 2024. Krakow, Poland
Finish: 5 January 2025. Tallinn, Estonia
Total length: 2600 km (1600 miles)
Duration: 9 days
Route Map


Get the snow tires out

Trip Features

party and drive
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