You know you want to do it. But first a few questions…

Anyone with a valid driver’s license for the type of vehicle you’ll be using. Technically you should also be of sound mind and body… but that’s covered in the terms and conditions you sign before the start. No age restrictions, use your common sense and/or ask the organizers.

Maximum 30 teams can register. Thanks to our liberal definition of a team (1 to 4 people), that number can vary.

The deadline for the entrance fee is 45 days before the start of the respective challenge. We encourage you to send it in early to guarantee your place in the event.

Um, sort of. The more you obey the rules listen to advice and practice common sense; you’ll probably do just fine. But it’s not guaranteed, you won’t have a support or rescue team nudging you on plus you’ll be in extremely remote areas at some point. This is real adventure. Read more about the threats and dangers. We never had major security/safety problems in the past years so don’t be too much concerned, just use common sense and follow the Road Book.

We could say bad luck but it’s rather good luck. You have a wonderful opportunity to test your sense to find a mechanic or someone who knows someone maybe far from the next village, test your team mate’s nerves and learn names of car parts in local languages.

You can turn around and drive home, sell the car and fly back or give it away for charity.

Accommodations are the responsibility of participants. In the roadbook you get a list of hotel/hostel options with as much information as possible. To make things easier for participants we offer limited accommodation packages before the start of the event.

The same standard papers required elsewhere: car insurance (green card) and vehicle registration paper (called ‘car passport’). If the vehicle is on someone else’s name make sure you have an authorization. Any paper that connects you with the owner of the car (or whoever is in the car papers), will be fine for the border procedures. We will notify you in advance if there are any special requirements. Anyhow, you’ll find all the details in the road book.

Depending on your passport you will likely need some visas.

Yes, you can make it. Some past participants completed the challenge with ancient rust buckets so it’s proven. There are some charming challenging roads specially for 4WD cars but we will always mark these sections in the road book and suggest alternative routes.

We give you a series of maps for the whole route including all countries. The really exciting part comes when resources are outdated, inaccurate or there are no maps at all. For this we set GPS navigation waypoints and advise that you have a GPS device that you are comfortable with. We highly recommend Garmin GPS products as a proven brand in adventure traveling. All the GPS maps we give to participants are Garmin format.

All participants are required to have official Baltic Run sponsor stickers on their racing vehicle. However some teams like to offset the cost of the Challenge or increase their charity donations by finding their own team sponsors. Go for it!