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Top 8 Soviet sites in Lithuania

Like the other Baltic states, Lithuania felt the deadly embrace of the giant Eastern neighbor for centuries. A few decades after they regained their independence […]

Following Tire Tracks of Baltic Rally Giants

When you take the Baltic Run we guess you like cars, exploring behind the old Iron Curtain and a bit of an adventure. Did you […]

Top 8 Soviet Sites in Estonia

The Soviet era ended only a little more than two decades ago and has left many traces all over the Baltic States. Here is a […]

Flavours of the Baltics

One of the easiest ways to know a country is by eating its food, and the places we’re going to visit on the Baltic Run are no exception. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are located deep in the beer, vodka, rye bread and pork culinary belt. The food in the region is influenced by Russia, Scandinavia and even German cuisine, but each country has its own flavour profile and local specials.

Locked Up in Latvia

Ever fancied spending the night in a prison? Have you been bad and deserve a good locking up? Then come to Latvia! Karosta prison just outside the town of Liepāja provides the authentic soviet severity you’re craving on this trip, and whether or not you’ll spend the night, you’ll still get a good taste for life as an inmate back then.

Are You a Media-Savvy Writer or Traveller? You Could Score a Free to South India!

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Seven Reasons to Visit Tallinn in Winter

tallinn christmas

Perched on the top of the Baltic States, a stone’s throw across the sea from Helsinki, Tallinn is one of Europe’s most obscure capitals. While the Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have only recently started to make it onto the bucket list belonging to the world’s most seasoned travelers, there are many out there who couldn’t place Estonia on the map.