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Traffic Rules to Remember on the Baltic Run

Traffic rules in Estonia snowchains

Driving is fun! Driving along the Baltic Run is a true winter adventure indeed. But we can’t forget we’re driving along public roads, so traffic rules must be observed. Are they any different? There are a few things you need to remember. But all in all, traffic rules are pretty […]

Top 8 Soviet sites in Lithuania

Like the other Baltic states, Lithuania felt the deadly embrace of the giant Eastern neighbor for centuries. A few decades after they regained their independence the country is still full of mementos of the Soviet regime. Some preserved, some crumbling, some built to commemorate the courage of the small nation […]

Following Tire Tracks of Baltic Rally Giants

When you take the Baltic Run we guess you like cars, exploring behind the old Iron Curtain and a bit of an adventure. Did you choose this destination because of the beautiful Masurian lakes or a good Baltic Spa? But do you know how much your shiny modern car should […]