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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Riga

Riga. Photo by Bryan Ledgard. Riga, capital and largest city of Latvia, is often underrated by travelers when searching for a new destination. However, this perception couldn’t be more wrong. Riga is not only a European cultural capital, but a beautiful city to visit, full of lovely corners, awesome architecture, […]

The Ruins of the Cesis Castle

Castle of Cesis. Photo by Kyle Taylor. The old town of Cesis has been looking over Latvia on the valley of the Gauja River, in the northern region of Central Vidzeme, since the 13th century. And watching over the town of Cesis, on the Riekstu hill, lies the fortified castle […]

12 Fun Facts about the Baltic States

The Baltic States, formed by three countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, topping Europe and sharing elements from the east, west and Nordic countries, are often overlooked, even though there are so many interesting things to discover about them. And so, we bring you twelve fun facts about the Baltic States […]

What to drink in the Baltics

What to drink in the Baltics? It is a fact that the Baltic Countries are a cold place- but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it. If you want to get warmer and feel yourself as a real Northerner, make sure to try all of the drinks […]

The Baltic Mythology

Baltic Mythology was formed by the pagan gods, beliefs and traditions that were popular among the many Baltic tribes that lived in the territories occupied today by Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, part of Poland and part of the Prussian Germany.  Nature is a main element in this mythology, as the gods […]

Top 7 Soviet Sites in Latvia

The Soviet era ended only a little more than two decades ago and has left many traces all over the Baltic States. Here is a little guide to some of the most interesting relics from the recent past and the top Soviet sites in Latvia, which will tell you the story of […]

Following Tire Tracks of Baltic Rally Giants

When you take the Baltic Run we guess you like cars, exploring behind the old Iron Curtain and a bit of an adventure. Did you choose this destination because of the beautiful Masurian lakes or a good Baltic Spa? But do you know how much your shiny modern car should […]

Locked Up in Latvia

Ever fancied spending the night in a prison? Have you been bad and deserve a good locking up? Then come to Latvia! Karosta prison just outside the town of Liepāja provides the authentic soviet severity you’re craving on this trip, and whether or not you’ll spend the night, you’ll still get a good taste for life as an inmate back then.