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Why We Love Estonia

30 June 2017
why we love estonia

Bringing you the beauty of Estonia.

Photo by Mike Beales


Estonia is a small country with a rich history, a varied landscape, and incredible beauty. On the Baltic Run each year we get a fantastic taste of what makes Estonia so special: forests, lakes, medieval Tallinn… and much else besides. Here are some of our favourite photos showing just why we love Estonia.



Why we love estonia

Photo by Mike Beales

Forests cover roughly half of Estonia, around 2 million hectares. We love to get lost deep in this mysterious world, brimming with wildlife and vivid colour.



why we love estonia

Photo by Mike Beales

Well, technically this is a bog, in Lahemaa National Park. When the bogs are this pretty, you can only imagine how beautiful the lakes are.



why we love estonia

Photo by Mike Beales

Estonia’s capital is one of the most underrated cities in Europe, offering a scintillating mix of medieval and modern. Plus, it has fantastic rooftops.


A Winter’s Tallinn

why we love estonia

Photo by David Jones

Of course, for fans of the Baltic Run, there’s only one thing better than Tallinn: Tallinn in temperatures. Cobbled streets lined with snow and Christmas markets in the central square are what await us when we arrive in early January. We have to wrap up warm, but it’s worth it.


Ice Dream

why we love estonia

Photo by Sergei Gussev

While city life in winter can be magical, frozen nature out in the countryside also provides fabulous sights. While we wouldn’t recommend taking a dip, we love to take photos!



It’s not all romantic streets and tranquil lakes, Estonia is also home to business, and particularly thriving ports. We love this shot of Tallinn harbour at sunset.


The Coast

why we love estonia

Photo by Kain Kalju

Sea, sky, stones… this is classic Estonia.




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