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Our Favourite Photos of Beautiful Lithuania

15 July 2017

Lithuania is home to incredible nature.

We love to visit Lithuania each year on the Baltic Ride. It’s a great place to party, and it’s home to some fascinating historical sights. However, it’s the nature we really love. A spectacular coastline, frozen lakes, and rich forests make for some fantastic photographs. Here are some of our favourites!


Frozen Lakes

Lithuania has around 6000 lakes, of all shapes and sizes. While they are great place to swim in summer, for us they are at the best frozen. This shot, taken in Southern Lithuania, makes us wish it was December already.


Not-Frozen Lakes

Okay, we do have to admit: Lithuanian lakes can also be a pretty spectacle in warmer weather. This picture was taken in the North-West of the country.




Photo by Zaytsev Artem

If the lakes aren’t enough for you, check out Lithuania’s coastline. The most special location is the Curonian Spit, a 98km-long narrow sand dune. Only half belongs to Lithuania, with the Southern half extending into Russia. This picture is from Nida, right at the South of the Lithuanian section.





Photo by Zaytsev Artem

Just one picture of the Curonian Spit isn’t enough. It’s that beautiful. It’s also home to a diverse national park, packed with wild animals.



Could this be anywhere? Or maybe the rolling green hills, the distant front, and the overwhelming green-ness could only be found in Lithuania. We love it either way.


Perfect Houses


Of course, beautiful Lithuanian nature isn’t just for tourists: people live there. Check out these incredible houses.


The Skies the limit


Photo by Kyle Taylor

A cheeky final photo of the Curonian Spit. What a beach, what a sky, what a country!




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